Modern African Art

Modern African art is emerging as a vanguard in the contemporary art world. “Primitive” does not solely define African Art. The Artist from Africa is doubly representing their heritage and addressing issues unique to our modern times, including globalization and the resultant social movements and exchange of ideas. Creators from this Continent are seizing the momentum to communicate with the world on all levels. Through visual and physical mediums, the imagination, dreams, and creativity of our people are beautifully conveyed. This website uses a Universal Language of Communication. You will be able to read the language of medical knowledge through the form of images. I’m an accomplished visual artist and practicing physician in the United States. I am inspired by what I see, feel, touch, smell and connect with. My patients continually inspire and teach me about the Gift of Living. They heighten my awareness regarding the ultimate purpose of life: Love and Creation. My New Book has recently been published online. Take a look. I am inspired by what I see, feel, touch, think and remember. East Africa is my place of origin. North America not only gave me the opportunity to practice medicine, but allowed me to recreate the energy of colors into Contemporary African Art. Here you will find new paintings available for purchase. Enjoy! I’ve produced many paintings throughout the years and I’m proud to share them with you.

Mohamed Buwe Osman,