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Exposure to our ever changing environmental stimuli is a vital nutrient for the growth of our creative mind. Street art is a visual, usually unsanctioned, art work, expected outside of context of traditional art venues. It is developed in public spaces. The term includes traditional graffiti art, sticker art, wheat pasting, street poster and art intervention. New to the definition of street art, comes the hard-to-find, self formed creative images exhibited over the walls alongside old streets. Such types of art are ubiquitous. They are invisible to our naked eyes, unless we apply our third eye charged with curiosity and creative fantasies. It’s part of the street art not yet assigned to the definition of street art. It’s fascinating to explore such art on the side walls of an antique avenue. Our creative minds can read and depict beautiful paintings out from imaginative lines, curves, circles, shades, uneven surfaces, fading colors on a wall without our active intervention.